Public/Private High School

If your high school has an MSA then this competition is perfect for you! Don’t have an MSA at your school? No worries, you can compete as a club you create. MIST is open to people of all beliefs, faiths, and cultures. There’s never been a better time to “Get MISTified!”

All students registering for MIST must abide by the following:

  • Competitors must currently be enrolled in high school.

  • Competitors may only register with the team of the school where they are currently enrolled. Registration with a school in which they are not enrolled will result in immediate disqualification and a possible point deduction against the team.

  • Competitors must display a valid High School ID or document with the school’s name and logo imprint addressed to them on the day of the tournament. Inability to do so will result in disqualification and a possible point deduction against the team.

You may still compete if your high school does not have a school-recognized MSA or Muslim club. Just gather the students who are interested in MIST, encourage others to participate as well and if they meet the above qualifications you are ready to start registration! And remember that even if you’re not competing you can register as a guest! Registering as a guest allows full access to everything that competitors receive – the only difference is that guests cannot enter into any competitions.

Remember, MIST is open to people of all faiths and cultures to share in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood that makes the tournament amazing. Are you Muslim and have a bunch of friends who aren’t but would love to compete? Add them to your team! Not Muslim but interested in competing? Join your school’s team, or create a team of your own!

MIST is determined to establish an MSA at every high school that competes. If you are having difficulty forming an MSA or Muslim Club at your school, you can:

  • Ask another cultural organization or even your high school to sponsor MIST as an official extracurricular activity.

If you’re having difficulty getting classmates to join and fielding a team:

  • Ask your friendly MIST Board for support! AFTER you have tried to, contact us at Let us know what difficulties you’re facing and we’ll take it from there.


Students who are at least 13 years old and do NOT hold a GED can compete in MIST. Home-schooled students can join the team of any high school team that they choose. Email to obtain the contact information of the school’s registrar to get started with registration.

Home-schooled students are required to produce proof that they are home-schooled. Either a copy of their transcript or a letter from the county that verifies their status to be presented on the first day of the tournament will satisfy as proof.

If a home-schooled student is having difficulty joining a team, please send an email to to receive further instruction on how to register.

Not yet in high school? Bridge to MIST

Those students who are at least 13 years old yet are neither enrolled in high school nor home-schooled may compete in MIST after completing the following: