The MIST Honor Code

Students are expected to submit original work for MIST competitions each year. Actions that violate the standards of academic integrity include:

  •  Reading, obtaining, or sharing a copy of any test materials before or after the competition without authorization.
  • Consulting or obtaining assistance from unauthorized sources during a competition, including copying another person’s answers or referring to any aids not specifically approved for use during the time of the competition.
  • Submitting work prepared entirely or partially by another individual, or otherwise misappropriating works or intellectual property belonging to another individual and presenting it as one’s own, without the owner’s consent or without providing proper citation and acknowledgment.
  • Presenting audio or visual recordings of others without their consent, or otherwise abusing confidentiality such that the ideas or works of individuals discussed in confidence are released without proper authorization.
  • Submitting material used for MIST in previous years, or otherwise used for the purposes of a class or project at any other institution.
  • Falsifying or misrepresenting your results or procedures.
  • Sabotaging the work of other competitors or otherwise infringing upon the ability of others to compete fairly.
  • Interfering with the judging or scoring of any competition by anyone other than the official judges and competition organizers.
  • Impersonating any other MIST competitor, judge, volunteer, or organizer for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage. 
  • Being in the willful companionship of someone who violates any portion of the Honor Code, or failing to report any direct knowledge (other than hearsay) of violations.
  • Misrepresenting your age or otherwise registering for a MIST team for which you are ineligible. Actions that do not violate the Code include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Serving as a proxy to present the work of another student on account of an excused absence (such as medical emergency, death in the family, etc.), which has been pre-approved by MIST.
  • Submitting the same or modified work between Regionals and Nationals of the same year.
  • Getting help from and collaborating with others, while crediting ideas or work that are not your own with proper citation. Depending on the severity of the infraction, competitors found guilty of academic misconduct may lose points or be disqualified from a competition. Disciplinary misconduct warrants full disqualification from this year’s tournament. Students registering for any MIST competition automatically agree to abide by the principles of academic integrity as outlined in the MIST Honor Code.

Code of Conduct

Attendance at any MIST competition, workshop or activity is a privilege. The policies apply to all students, adults, and authorized persons attending the conference. Delegates shall abide by the rules and practices at all times. They shall respect and abide by the rules and practices at all times. They shall respect and abide by the authority vested in MIST Organizers. Delegates violating any of the conduct rule may jeopardize their delegation’s participation and may be disqualified. Students may be sent home immediately at their own expense. Participants and other authorized individuals attending the MIST Boston Regional Competitions automatically accept terms and conditions outlined in the MIST Code of Conduct.

Personal conduct: Conducting acts and/or possessing weapons capable of causing bodily harm or fear of life, defacing/stealing any public or private property, throwing objects out the window or into the hallway, and other serious violations of personal conduct regulations, are strictly prohibited. Any and all financial responsibility resulting from these actions will rest solely with the offending individuals or their chapter. Failing to keep advisors informed of activities and your whereabouts, participating in unapproved social activities, or engaging with a member of the opposite sex in a room when no adult chaperone is present are not permitted.

Abusive behaviour and lewd conduct: A student engaging in any lewd, indecent, sexual or obscene act, or participating in any verbal, physical, emotional/mental, or sexual harassment, hazing or name-calling is completely unacceptable. Engaging in the use of slurs against any person on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability is strictly prohibited.

Lost or Stolen Items: Any items that are lost or stolen at a MIST conference are the sole responsibility of the student.

Conference Conduct: Delegates must wear the supplied conference ID badge at all times from arrival at the conference until departure at the end of the conference. Delegates should be prompt and prepared for all activities. Delegates are required to attend all general sessions and activities assigned including workshops, competitive events, committee meetings etc, for which they are registered unless engaged in some specific assignment taking place at the same time as ordered by any member of the MIST Boston Executive Committee.

Dress Code: Failing to abide by the dress regulations established for the conference, as outlined in the guidelines set out by MIST Boston. Dress code will be in effect at all times. Tasteful casual wear will be accepted during specific social functions as stated during orientation sessions.

Media Release: By participating in MIST Boston activities and conferences you are consenting the release of any photographs, video footage, and names for promotional and media purposes.